Help us boost the research on rare diseases!

Donations for the research of rare diseases at IMBA/Max Perutz Labs

Insights uncovered by molecular biology today can lead to new treatment methods tomorrow, directly benefiting patients.
In order to be able to keep the research project “Rare diseases/DBA” up and running, we need € 220,000 in donations and contributions per year. The money goes toward research staff, technical facilities, material costs and further training.

Bank details for donations

Account holder: Philanthropie Österreich
Bank: Capital Bank – GRAWE Gruppe AG
IBAN: AT45 1960 0000 1505 9413
Payment reference: Diamond-Blackfan-Anämie

Automatic tax assessment
Please enter your first and last name as well as your date of birth when you make the donation. Since 1 January 2017, charities have been required by law to identify private donors by name and date of birth to report their donations directly to the tax authority for deduction. This way, your donation will be automatically considered in your annual tax assessment.

If you wish to receive updates on the project’s progress, please also share your postal address.

A signed piece of art by Peter Kogler for every donation

Find out more about Peter Kogler:

How to help

The Austrian charity foundation “Stiftung Philanthropie Österreich” has commissioned the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) to carry out the project “Diamond Blackfan anaemia”.

Tax deductibility
The charitable private foundation “Stiftung Philanthropie Österreich” is on the list of tax-exempt organisations. This means that you can deduct all donations and contributions to the foundation “Stiftung Philanthropie Österreich” up to the amount of 10% of your annual income or 10% of your company’s taxable income.

About the foundation

The charitable private foundation “Stiftung Philanthropie Österreich” is an umbrella foundation. It allows people who wish to give to charity to direct their donations effectively while saving taxes. Tax deductibility has been confirmed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance. For subsidies, we work together with Fundraising Verband Austria, the Austrian fundraising association. Find more information about our foundation at:

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